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The kt120 and kt150 are both pentode devices and the kt88 and kt100 are described as beam tetrodes so no, i wouldnt think these can be easily interchanged even though the data sheets have the same pinout. It has an international octal base indicated by the 3 in the part number and is found mainly in the final output stages of audio amplification circuits and was designed to be suitable as a series regulator by virtue of its high permissible voltage between heater and cathode and other parameters. This 1960 tube caddy below book also includes all tube numbers from all over the world. Gotta replace power tubes in my cary monoblocks any. Free vacuum tube data sheets free vacuum tube substitution guide manuals free radio tube data manuals free tube base diagrams. The kt88 is a beam tetrodekinkless tetrode hence kt vacuum tube for audio amplification. Maximum anode dissipation is 25w and output power of single tube is over 10w in a1 amplification mode.

Theshuguang treasure as a result of shuguangs 50year of expertise in vacuum valve design and production. They are extremely thick and rich sounding with no loss of high end like the chinese made kt88 s. Today, there are a number of quality kt88 tubes available for audio and guitar applications. Vacuum tube kt88, electroharmonix antique electronic. Im using shuguang treasure kt88 tubes for a few years now. Are kt88s interchangeable with el34s the gear page. The kt88 fits a standard eightpin octal socket and has similar pinout and applications as the 6l6 and el34. Vacuum tube kt88, jj electronics antique electronic supply. Th e composite tube s ubstitu tion g uid eboo k co n. When used in ab1 mode, two tubes can output over 35w. Top american libraries canadian libraries universal library community texts project gutenberg biodiversity heritage library childrens library. Basically any amp using 6550s can use the jj kt88 s.

As a poster above said, the new sensor gec ri kt88 is a nice tube. We carry brands like western electric, mullard, telefunken, sovtek, jj, electroharmonix, genalex and tungsol. I have heard the gl 88s called the best, not in my book, they sound great, but so do my other tubes i have put. The kt88 is a beam tetrode k inkless t etrode hence kt vacuum tube for audio amplification. Discussion in audio hardware started by tlmusic, jan 5, 20. Book depository books with free delivery worldwide. The kt88 audio tube is considered to be one of the best sounding power tubes for hifi tube audio amplifiers. You may find this inconvenient but i know of no way to interchange columns except to cut and paste one line at a time. Vacuum tubes for amps pre and power tubes tubes for amps. All these links open in a new browser window so that you can return quickly to this page without having to reload. Co mb ines i n one volu me the con tent of th e bas ic book and suppleme nt s i thro ugh iv.

The jj kt88 s also sound excellent in the hot rod 50, soldano amps. The sed tubes in general i find a kind of lesser ges. New old stock mil spec pre amp compatible tubes from sylvania, ge and other various brands. Tubesforamps is your source for replacement vacuum tubes. Vacuum tube kt88, jj electronics a sonically faithful reproduction. Kt88 is a low distortion, high output power tube developed specifically for audio. Kt88 s generate a lot power, handling significantly more plate voltage than other power tubes. Substitutes are given as a guide only please refer to original manufacturers data sheets to ensure that a substitute is safe and appropriate for your application. But the besthighest quality kt88 tubes should sound great in any aplication where kt88 are the choice. The amps will also work with el34, 6550, kt88, or kt90 tubes. Unbeatable prices on thousands of guaranteed vacuum tubes for sale, vintage nos hifi audio tubes, radio tubes, ham and industrial ready to ship.

The el34 is a thermionic valve or vacuum tube of the power pentode type. We carry premium hand selected vacuum tubes for guitar and hifi amps. For the first time ever a kt88 tube utilizes a solid, thick and completely unique graphite plate anode. On ebay, you can choose from a variety of affordable gec kt88 vacuum tubes with a range of features to suit your electrical equipment maintenance and operation needs. Gold lion kt88 made in england draft of new spec sheet 4302002 beam tetrode 63v indirectly heated the kt88 has an absolute maximum anode dissipation rating of 42w and is designed for use in the output stage of an a.

Adaptor circuits in the back of this book may help. As a result, kt88 s and 6550s are produce cleaner tones and have low distortion, making it popular amongst bass amplifiers and high end audio applications. Free vacuum tube data sheets free vacuum tube substitution. Viva tubes thousands of vacuum tubes always tested. This ne w t ube s ub stitut io n guidebook tube substitution. What sonic characteristics could i expect with the different tube types. Kt88 vs el34 vs 6l6 substitution in vacuum tube amplifier. I love and appreciate tube based audio gear and own sixteen pieces of tube gear between my two reference systems. Kt77 vs kt88 talkin tubes the klipsch audio community. In general, the kt88 tube has a magical midrange similar to the smaller el34 tube, but with low and high end extremes that reach much further. Kt88 s are not big bottled el34s, they are a different type of tube tetrode than el34 6ca7 pentode. This improves tube life and reliability on top of providing outstanding audio amplification characteristics. Kt88 and kt120 power tube compatibility test, electrical.

If you dont need 100w, the kt88 is a good substitute. These are all pin compatable with one another, the only differences being the gain factor of each tube. Its a more wide open tube than the tungsol ri 6550. If you swap tubes in and out a great deal as in a tube tester or amp where you tube roll wear out this socket saver instead of your difficult to replace octal socket. Gec audio tube data by gec circuit designs code 2003 as demand for vacuum tubes waned inevitably in the 1970s due in large part to the advances in semiconductor technology. Without a thorough knowledge of tube types and their substitution possibilities, you may be overpaying for your new or nos tubes you employ, or just pick the wrong ones. Heavensense kt88 6p3p preamp electron vacuum tube 6pin for. Gerald weber describes this mod in his book tube amp talk for the guitarist and tech, in the chapter tweaking your. Kt 88 vs 6550 vs kt90 tubes canuck audio mart hifi and.

Octal power tube max plate watts 25w el34bwith shadow grid is a high performance improved version of pentode el34a to solve the problem of overheated no. While not necessarily exactly the same, they will function as replacement items in your project. Tubedepot carries a selection of 6550 kt88 kt90 power vacuum tubes. Specifically designed for audio amplification, the kt88 has similar ratings to the american 6550 which was designed for use as a servo. Kt88 quad vacuum tubes are highly soughtafter tubes with an amazing sound profile that will please even the pickiest of audiophiles. The jj kt88 is an excellent choice for hifi stereo equipment as. I have reliability issue w the reissue gold lion may be it was just for the first batch but i try not to throw money away again. Shuguang treasure kt88z vacuum tubes matched pair vacuum. Finally, the large size has extra room to fit the largest kt88, 6550, 2a3, and 5u4g st. Gotta replace power tubes in my cary monoblocks any suggestions. Riverstone audio vacuum tube pin straightener for 9pin b9abase 12ax7 el84 5670 and 7pin b7gbase 5654 6au6 6aq5a tubes hardened stainless hand held straightens vacuum tube pins. Tube crossreference european and 4 digit number to usa. Both the kt66s and kt88s use the large diameter bases so if you have an amp that uses the bear trap style tube retainers that pinch the base of the tubes then. Buy heavensense kt88 6p3p preamp electron vacuum tube 6pin for kt88 gekt88 kt8898 kt100 cv5220 6550a98 audio amplifier tube replacement.

You can use a european tube in a usa radio for example. General electric uks fabled lab and production plant began to scale back operations. Electroharmonix kt88 vacuum tube high power kinklesstetrode for use in amplifiers such as the marshall major. Two valves in class ab1 give a continuous output of up to 100w. Personally, i find the new sensor tungsol ri the best 6550 for guitar. Vacuum tube kt88, valve art octal power tube max plate watts 42w. The northern electric kt88 audio tube is made with the highest quality materials, from the. The amps can run el34, 6l6gc, 5881, 350b, kt66, kt88, 6550, kt90 and more some tube choices require a 5u4gb rectifier tube fwiw, the kt88 is not my favorite output tube. Well built and will last over thousands of tube changes. Due to the high current and power capability of these tubes, it is very important that the kt88 tubes are well matched. Up for sale will be one matched pair 2pcs of shuguang treasure vacuum tubes kt88 z substitution of 6550, packed in environmental protection box as picture shown, product of shuguang electron group.

What are some features of the gec kt88 vacuum tubes. Log in or request an account to access your account. Tungsol is the only brand that the kt120 is sold under. It has a sweet mid range that makes up for a tube that is generally intended for hifi. If your amp requires a kt88 tube for power these are a great replacement. We have even run a quad of the kt88 s in a few evil twins and it is fat. The features of the affordable gec kt88 vacuum tubes on ebay may include. The kt88 is known for its incredible clarity in the midrange frequencies.

However they share the same pinout and can be used in el34s applications if the rest of the circuit is designed to accomodate them. Most of these datasheets are in english except where noted otherwise. Tube depot carries a selection of 7199 pre amp vacuum tubes. Most of the datasheets are in pdf format and some are links to other html pages. Kt88 and kt120 power tube compatibility test, electrical performance. We carry everything from nos rca 6l6gc black plates to jj 12ax7s.

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