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Collection of season 8 bonnie and damon centered drabbles. Executive producer julie plec promised an emotional experience in the vampire diaries series finale, and thats exactly what we got. On the vampire diaries season 8 episode 11 the couple most deserving of a happy ending had that robbed from them it was downright heartbreaking. The heroic witch falls in love with vampire enzo st. Hd logoless scenes from bonnie bennett from the tv show the vampire diaries.

The 26yearold actress talked to us magazine during sundays iheartradio music awards in inglewood, california, saying that it will be hard for her to say goodbye to the show, but the next installment of the supernatural romance drama will be her last. The vampire diaries enters its final season with more romance and adventure than ever before. If losing the two men closest to her was not enough, the tvd character also lost her powers once again what is in store for bonnie when the cw series returns this fall. Vampire diaries season one bonnie bennett wardrobe costume card m7. How does the vampire diaries tv series compare to the books. Her best friend, damon salvatore, was affected by the creature inside the armorys vault. What will happen at the end of vampire diaries season 8. In this weeks explosive vampire diaries episode, you made a choice to be good, bonnie injected stefan with the cure after he. Season eight in i was feeling epic, the spirits of the bennett witches reunited with bonnie and aided her to prevent the destruction of mystic falls by manipulating hellfire and redirecting it to destroy hell. Katerina graham as bonnie bennett in the vampire diaries season 1 pilot. And enzo still watches over her, even though she cant see him. Since bonnie was no longer a witch, enzo, with damons support, captured jeremy and threatened to kill him if bonnie didnt find a witch to do a locator spell before midnight that night. How the vampire diaries wronged bonnie bennett black girl nerds.

Ric promises to fill caroline in, so she leaves her best friend with one final thought. If losing the two men closest to her was not enough, the tvd character also lost her powers once again what is in store for bonnie. Get the best deals on bonnie bennett when you shop the largest online selection at. Did bonnie get her powers back on the vampire diaries. Guys, what an ending i still cannot get my head around what went down in the vampire diaries in the last few minutes of the latest episode it was crazy. Bonnie bennett saved the world, and now she finally gets to enjoy living in it. Damon and enzo entered the armorys occult vault to remedy a crisis after damon used the armory to defeat rayna.

The vampire diaries kat graham confirms bonnie bennett. Could the vampire diaries bonnie and enzo appear on. The vampire diaries tvd season 8 episode 16 i was feeling epic. The vampire diaries series finale photos launch gallery kais back on earth through some sort of loophole that happened when they rang hells bell but hes not as fully alive as he. How the vampire diaries wronged bonnie bennett black. Happy new year everbody this is my first video made by me at 2016 all scene when bonnie use her magic in s6. By margotsrobbie ongoing updated nov 10, 2018 embed story share via email read new reading list history always finds a way to repeat itself. Lets relive 5 moments bonnie bennett was the true heroine of tvd. On july 23, 2016, the cw announced that the upcoming season would be the series last and would consist of 16 episodes. John in the shows seventh season, and briefly finds the happiness she deserves. The vampire diaries kat graham, who has played witch bonnie bennett since the first season, tells us weekly exclusively that she is leaving the hit cw series after its eighth season details.

Prior to its destruction, she was the anchor to the other side and, until recently, a supernatural huntress. With paul wesley, ian somerhalder, kat graham, candice king. Ive been out of touch with this fandom since season 2 caught up with the show recently, and back then bonnie was treated quite differently by the fans. This season, bonnie bennet did something that no one couldve predicted from her character. Made by me, free for use, dont ask for scenes with the original audio beceause thats not gonna. Bonnie bennett sacrifices everything to help her friends and protect mystic falls throughout the vampire diaries. The season premiered on october 21, 2016 and concluded on march 10, 2017. I just hope you know i appreciate how hard you fought to get back to me. Hasnt anyone learned that you do not piss off bonnie bennett. Behindthescenes, production stills and publicity photos. The season 7 finale of the vampire diaries was emotionally devastating for bonnie bennett. Later during the season, bonnie returned to mystic falls, with a newly distant. Bonnie bennett becomes a vampire huntress in the vampire diaries season 7 episode 21, titled requiem for a dream.

Bonnie is getting a major assist from damon on the season finale of the vampire diaries whether she likes it or not the cw on tuesday released the official description for the dramas may. Photo of bonnie for fans of bonnie mcculloughbennett 8924564 bonnie bennett photos and pictures on imdb. She would travel the world for what seemed like centuries, until her luck finally ran out. Inawe76 is an avid fanfiction reader and an active particpant in the world of fandom.

Bonnie bennett magic the vampire diaries season 2 duration. The vampire diaries season 6 has taken its sweet time getting bonnie bennett back over to the present day, and weve grown to love her so much were hoping that she has a huge role in season 7. In the earlier seasons of the vampire diaries, we never got to see bonnies home life, her. Bonnie bennett the vampire diaries season 8 youtube.

The series premiered on the cw on september 10, 2009, and concluded on march 10, 2017, airing 171 episodes over eight seasons. The vampire diaries get season 7 on youtube advertisement autoplay when. The vampire diaries is an american supernatural teen drama television series developed by kevin williamson and julie plec, based on the popular book series of the same name written by l. Bonnie first met enzo in season 5s total eclipse of the heart, when enzo and damon revealed their intention to find and kill wes in revenge for the torture he and the augustine society put them through. The vampire diaries, an american supernatural drama, was renewed for an eighth and final season by the cw on march 11, 2016. Bonnie bennett magic the vampire diaries season 7 youtube.

See more ideas about bonnie bennett, vampire diaries and katerina graham. Based on fresh leads, stefan and bonnie visit the slaughterhouse that damon and enzo now call home and try. Bonnie believed and saw herself as the protector of mystic falls. Bonnie bennett magic the vampire diaries season 6 youtube. Bonnie bennett might still have some magic left in her after all. People really loved to bash her as an annoying, selfrighteous, judgmental moralist. Not only did she make a selfish decision that nearly ended in murder, but she actively betrayed someone she cared about.

Bonnie would fit in perfectly with how legacies season 1 ended, since bonnie was the one who put kai in. Last season, our heroes rebuilt their world without elena, and complicated relationships began. And as shes done so many times before, bonnie promises shell be fine, all the while knowing theres a good chance she won. Bonnie bennett will have to say farewell to mystic falls at the end of season 8 after kat graham confirmed her departure from the show. Why didnt bonnie bennett feel the death of katherine pierce in the 100th episode 500. While she filled the role of counselor and confidante to all of her friends, bonnie is a feisty, yet empathetic witch, who discovered her powers just in time to help out her family. A wedding is quickly planned in order for damon and stefan to lure a dangerous enemy out into the open. Her story arc in the fourth season gave us some insight into the mind of bonnie bennett. Bonnies suede jacket with bronze zips on the vampire diaries sponsored links bonnies pink lace up sweater, leather jacket and tan button front skirt on the vampire diaries. Bonnie bennett hated him since the day her best friend elena gilbert along side with her beau stefan salvatore introduced them on a blind date set up. Now, of course, bonnie was placed in an extremely difficult position that she cant be blamed for.

Or i suppose, you could say her luck finally ran into her. Like everyone else on the vampire diaries, bonnie bennett has been killed and resurrected on more than one occasion but it looks like her season 8 farewell will be her final one. Bonnie is going to be even more of a key player in the vampire diaries season 8, given the current status of the men in her life, damon and enzo. She decides to use to figure out something that she can use against klaus. Caroline goes on to say that a part of her has been ready for this day from the first time he was the new mystery guy in the. Season 8, episode 11, you made a choice to be good, aired feb. One day she would only hear his breath, the next she could just barely make out what he whispered. The search for damon and enzo will begin in season eight, even though it may be too late. Bonnie sheila bennett is a very powerful witch and one of the main female. The vampire diaries, an american supernatural drama, was renewed for an eighth and final. She seemed slighted when her father wanted to implement more rules so that he could better protect mystic falls. As bonnie bennett goes through her grandmothers belongings she finds a large ornate mirror that with the right spell, has the ability to reflect the darkest desires and greatest weaknesses of yourself and others. Bonnie in 2020 bonnie bennett, vampire diaries seasons. Kat graham, who has played witch bonnie bennett on the vampire diaries since the supernatural dramas 2009 pilot episode, tells us weekly exclusively that she is leaving the.

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