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Eurocontrol network management directorate edition number. The atfcm operations manual is intended to provide flow management positions fmps and eurocontrols network manager nm with. Manual on air traffic controller competencybased training. Ais training development guidelines air traffic control. The atfcm users manual has been prepared with the main object of providing in one document an operational description of the nm atfcm. The atfcm users manual has been prepared with the main object of providing in one document an operational description of the nm atfcm related actions, information and message exchange. This manual complements the eaip specification by providing detailed instructions for eaip users. Air traffic controllers licensing and certification consolidated version of air traffic ontrollers licenses and ertificates implementing rules and related acceptable means of compliance and guidance material, including the atco initial training content. Eurocontrol guidelines 29 eurocontrol specifications 61 european route network improvement plan ernip monitoring reports 99 evair safety bulletin 21 firuir charts 1 forecasts 60 helicopter charts 4 hindsight magazine 17 industry monitor 107 information circulars 12 local single sky implementation lssip documents 44. Aip, aip amdt, aip sup, notam, pib, aic and checklists, list of valid notam. Eurocontrol atfcm users manual, slot management, slot allocation procedures optional content. Eurocontrol basic cfmu handbook atfcm users manual, chap. Atfcm operations manual network manager eurocontrol.

The atfcm users manual has been prepared with the main object of. Eurocontrol air navigation intersite acronym list ai r ia l w w w. The eurocontrol enhanced traffic flow management system. Amendments to the atfcm operations manual are indicated in red with revision bars. Air traffic flow and capacity management eurocontrol atm. The eaip users manual also contains instructions for the use of the eaip specimen provided by eurocontrol. Released issue iv edition change record section amendment notes 1. Manual on air traffic safety electronics personnel competencybased training and assessment.

As its content may still be supplemented, removed, or otherwise modified during the editing process, icao shall not be responsible whatsoever for any costs or. Icao air traffic services planning manual doc 9426eurocontrol atfm handbook including. The eurocontrol enhanced traffic flow management system etfms count was 33 flights for a regulated capacity of 36 for the period between 05400620hrs. Eurocontrol responsibilities document for the application. Eurocontrol guidelines asm handbook eurocontrol handbook for air traffic flow and capacity management, edition 14. The ais environment has largely changed from manual operations to. Aircraft flight manual afm autonomous flight management afm automatic font management afm affirmative, yes, that is correct afms advanced flight management system afmsg audit and financial matters subgroup.

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